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Gülden Pls, Rauchbier, Blondes, Zwickl, Ur-Märzen, Weissbier, Doppelbock

Upper Franconian beer specialities like in the old days

Finally back after 44 years of abstinence!  

Old recipes, traditional brewing methods, authentic beer taste.

Our beers enjoy 7 days of cold fermentation instead of warm pressure fermentation.

Our beers mature at least 6 weeks cold, instead of 2 weeks "Turbo".

Our beers are neither flash pasteurized nor pasteurized.
That's what sets our beer apart. 


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Polsterbräu History

Founded 1858 in Nankendorf / Upper Franconia

Michael Polster started in 1858. He founded the  "Polsterbräu" and became known as "Wirts-Michl" with his beer. From then  on, not only the brewery, but also the brewing family Polster grew.  

The next generation, Johann and Katharina Polster, expanded the brewery in 1927 by adding an inn. The residential and guest  house of the family Polster is still today together with the church a  distinguishing feature of Nankendorf. First in self-management (until  1951) and then under the tenants Hans Wölfel and Paul Klaus,  the brewery inn Polster became a tourist attraction. In addition to the  beer, especially the Franconian snacks attracted hikers.

The "Polsterbräu" was therefore not only a guarantee for good beer but  also a big employer. Because not only the beer was produced, there was  also an in-house carpentry, which was responsible for the production of  beer crates.  

Blossoming and the temporary end

The fourth generation of the brewer family, under the leadership of Werner and Gisela Polster,  made the "Polsterbräu" a permanent feature of Franconian beer culture.  In almost every corner of Franconian Switzerland, the "Polsterbräu" beer  was served in the restaurants. In 1971, the brewery had an output of  about 33,000 hl of beer. In order to meet this enormous amount, the  "Polsterbräu" even then had its own "beer truck" to supply the  restaurants. 

After Werner Polster took over the brewery Zorn in Eppingen for personal reasons, there was, after a temporary subletting to Tucher Nuremberg in 1974, the final out of the "Polsterbräu" in  Nankendorf. 

The new beginning from 2015

The brewery inn continued under the tenants Jürgen and Sieglinde Taschner and later Thomas and Corinna Günzel on. At that time, however, the focus was mainly on the culinary specialties of the inn.

The "Bräumichlbier" briefly represented a new beginning of the brewing tradition. Named after the founder of the brewery Michael Polster and based on the traditional Polsterbräu recipe, it was restored in  August 2015 in a contract brewery. In January 2016, the brewery inn  opened its doors again. After a loving restoration of the restaurant, Karin Klaus and her team were happy to serve the guests in a cozy atmosphere with  good beer and homemade Franconian snacks. However, in June 2017, the inn  was closed for economic reasons and a new owner for "Polsterbräu"  sought. 

Today, the brewery restaurant is owned by the city of Waischenfeld.  However, the brand "Polsterbräu" continues to operate as a private  brewery. 

In October 2017, entrepreneur and beer lover Janus Nowak, who lives in Baden-Württemberg launched a revolutionary crowdfunding project aimed at restoring the old Polsterbräu tradition

At the beginning of February 2018, the time had finally come: the first  100 hl "Ur-Märzen" was brewed in a contract brewery using the original  recipes and distributed to the many hundred investors at the beginning of April. 

The demand for this delicious beer quickly rose, so that in May 2018 the  first 50 hl "Blondes" were put on sale and in June 2018 the delicious  "Gülden Pils" and another 50 hl of "Ur-Märzen" could be ordered in the new Polsterbräu Onlineshop as well. 


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